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Whether you are new to or familiar with counselling, my aim is to help you feel safe and comfortable so that together we can explore the things you are facing.  I do this by warmly accepting you and respecting whatever you would like to work on in the sessions. 

The counselling space and time are yours for exploring whatever you need – this might be what is going on for you in the present, issues from the past, feelings about the future or it may be about gaining a deeper understanding of your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and relationships.  I will support you in working with whatever is important for you. 

As well as talking together, you may like to use art materials, images or dreams in your explorations, if this would be helpful for you. 


As an integrative counsellor, I am trained in various models of counselling and psychotherapy and I draw on whichever best support your particular needs.  I can help you to gain greater access to your whole self, your inner resources and your full potential. 

I offer short-term or long-term counselling.  However long you need, I will be with you every step of the way, supporting you with your difficult feelings and helping you to work with these.  Together we will explore how you can find a way of moving through the challenges you face. 

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